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Babe, I Love You [2010] DVDrip Philippines [Hard-Subbed]

Sabtu, 22 Mei 2010

"Can love really bring two opposite worlds together? How much can you give up for the one you love? In the academe, Niccolo “Nico” Veneracion is a highly-esteemed History of Architecture professor who is on his way to becoming the next Vice Dean of the Department. He knows that achieving this would finally make his mother proud of him and forgive him for indirectly causing his father’s death..And yet, when he meets an unconventional girl named Sandra “Sasa” Sanchez, his world turns upside down. He never thought that he could fall in love with someone who works as a promo-girl and is obviously unacceptable in his life".

Citer baru dari Philippines.. Genre: Romance | Comedy...Dibintangi Anne Curtis & Sam Milby .. Dikongsikan oleh amyputra .. Sila join menggunakan hj split atau 7zip sebelum play.. ~SELAMAT MENONTON~

Babe, I Love You [2010] Part 1 [Mediafire]
Babe, I Love You [2010] Part 2 [Mediafire]
Babe, I Love You [2010] Part 1 [Hotfile]
Babe, I Love You [2010] Part 2 [Hotfile]
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