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Hacker Dictionary - 875 hacker terms

Rabu, 26 Mei 2010

governments, legal professionals, and others dealing with cyberspace Hackers. Crackers. Phreakers. Black hats. White hats. Cybercrime. Logfiles. nonymous Digital Cash. ARP Redirect.
Cyberspace has a language all its own. Understanding it is vital if you're concerned about Internet security, national security, or even personal security.
As recent events have proven, you don't have to own a computer to be the victim of Cybercrime-crackers have accessed information in the records of large, respected organizations, institutions, and even the military.

This is your guide to understanding hacker terminology. It's up to date and comprehensive, with:

* Clear, concise, and accurate definitions of more than 875 hacker terms

* Entries spanning key information-technology security concepts, organizations, case studies, laws, theories, and tools

* Entries covering general terms, legal terms, legal cases, and people

* Suggested further reading for definitions

This unique book provides a chronology of hacker-related developments beginning with the advent of the computer and continuing through current events in what is identified as today's Fear of a Cyber-Apocalypse Era.
An appendix entitled "How Do Hackers Break into Computers?"
details some of the ways crackers access and steal information.
Knowledge is power. With this dictionary, you're better equipped to be a white hat and guard against cybercrime.

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