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Man Made Marvels:Kuala Lumpur Flood Control (2011) HDTV 720p

Jumaat, 13 April 2012

Source: Man Made Marvels:Kuala Lumpur Flood Control (2011) HDTV 720p MKV-KURYU
Encoder: Kuryu
Genre: Documentary
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia’s Capital, is under siege from flash floods, powerful forces of nature that bring the city to its knees. The source: severe thunderstorms that pound the city for months on end. But Kuala Lumpur is fighting back. A daring construction project will try to bring the mighty floods under control. Massive floodgates across three rivers; six kilometres of canals; giant storage ponds and a state of the art storm water tunnel that doubles as an underground highway. It’s a combination that has never been attempted before. If they can pull it off, Kuala Lumpur’s flood control system will truly be a man made marvel.

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