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Rabu, 14 Mac 2012

Projek Pop (2012) | Release Date: Year 2012 (Malaysia) | Country: Malaysia | Language: Malay | Genres: Drama | Subtitle: None
The 10 Episodes is set in ONE DAY, happening in real time, so to speak. From the bands & groups soundchecking to the actual concert. It is about the people involved in making a concert. A concert second to none: PROJEK POP.
The concert is much like Rock The World or Urbanscapes, with indie rock bands and hip hop groups headlining it. The show is littered with cameos by musicians and celebrities appearing as themselves. Inspired by movies like Almost Famous, This is Spinal Tap we aimed to make this show to be Malaysia’s own version of Entourage. Being in the hip hop group Phlowtron circa 1998-2004, we performed in all sorts of venues from small clubs to arena sized venues. So you can say a lot of the dramatization is based on my experiences. Though, exaggerated (watak-watak fiksyen di dalam cerita ini adalah rekaan semata-mata, tidak ada kena mengena yang hidup atau mati)


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