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The Microchip (2011)

Rabu, 14 Mac 2012


The Microchip | SDTVRip | AVI | 700MB | 200MB Parts | Screen Res:704X416 | Bitrate:1301Kbps

Source : SDTV
Language : Thai
Subtitle : English Hard-Sub
Title: The Microchip ชิป/หาย
Director: Krissanapong Rachatha
Cast: Akarin Akaranitimetharat, Anuwat Tarapan, Jazz Chuancheun, Pornwipa Watcharakarun, Sakchai Yukashane, Suchart Kanwilai
Rating: 18+ Action, comedy

A group of friends have misplaced an important microchip that apparently holds top-secret information. They set off on a quest to find it.


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