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Kematian Gaddafi Satu Pembohongan? Gaddafi Masih Hidup...

Sabtu, 29 Oktober 2011

Ni dari sumber bebas... utk lebih info rujuk website di bawah

On the very day of their biggest ever failure, when they went in an all-out massive desperate bombing of Qaddafi's home which he still would not run away from, in order for the Rome meeting of Clinton to be able to declare a victory, it backfired when he went out to feed the animals, and instead his 3 grandchildren and youngest son died along with many others.

That damaging news was immediately squashed by the sudden release within a few hours, of the "death of Bin Laden", so as to deflect world media away from sympathy for Qaddafi and his family, and toward the power and might of the USA. Only problem is, on the web, people quickly figured out that this was not Bin Laden who was dumped at sea, let alone the problem that he had died many years earlier.
With NATO pilots and drone operators realising that there is indeed a very real danger of them having to face justice for war crimes and crimes against humanity, and with pilot fatigue and dissatisfaction creeping in as after 8 months of non-stop aerial bombing the truth has become known to them that they are not there to protect civilians but instead to bomb them, something had to be done.

Hillary Clinton needed to visit Tripoli, to "rally the troops", and provide a brave face for the Europeans who were increasingly worried about being on the forefront of a war that they have started to realize they cannot win, and which will ultimately backfire, for many reasons already covered here on Mathaba.Net and elsewhere.

Gambar kematian Osama yg jelas photoshop, dan mayat dia didakwa dibuang dlm laut…

Kali ni NATO(zionis) cuba mengalih perhatian dunia terhadap pembunuhan beramai2 di Sirte, dgn memgumumkan pembunuhan Gaddafi

Rumors of Qaddafi martyrdom overlaps Sirte genocide (Coincidence?)
20/oct/11 - ozyism

According to new reports the streets of Sirte are filled with martyred civilians and the destruction cannot be described by words. The attempted genocide of a tribe is being brushed under the carpet by rumors of Qaddafi’s martyrdom. The rumors have been intentionally spread to keep the focus of people on Qaddafi’s martyrdom rather than the genocide and destruction of Sirte.
This will also give NATO Mercenaries enough time to hide the dead bodies in mass graves then blame the Libyan Defense Forces as they did in Tripoli.
Video2 dibawah membongkarkan penipuan pembunuhan Gaddafi

darah boleh hilang tiba-tiba

22h/ Video aboute Gaddafis Died is FAKE!! Look at Date from information about video
Complete name: C: \ T \ Footage Shows Gaddafi's bloodied body.mp4
Format: MPEG-4
Format profile: Base Media / Version 2
Codec ID: MP42
File size: 2.82 MiB
Duration: 32S 160ms
Overall bit Rate: 736 Kbps
Encoded Date: 19/10/2011 14:16:48 UTC
Tagged Date: 10.19.2011 UTC 2:16:48 p.m.

Video dibuat pada 19HB? Sedangkan Gaddafi ditangkap pada 20HB

masa kat sini ade jahitan kat dada… pastu badan macam patung..

masa pamer kat dalam peti sejuk, jahitan hilang

Video ni buktikan yg mayat tu boleh dipalsukan

Baper banyak pistol emas dah…

Perbandingan...Lelaki dalam gambar ni mungkin Double Gaddafi yg agak terkenal di Sirte... Ali Majid Al Andalus

Gaddafi’s wig: A dictator undone by vanity?

The Washington Post
Published: October 21, 2011 11:49PM
Updated: October 21, 2011 11:14PM

The long, strange tale of Moammar Gaddafi is at an end, after the former Libyan leader was shot and killed in his hometown of Sirte Thursday.

At the hospital, Libyan officials ran a number of tests, including on hair samples for DNA, to prove the identity of the dictator who had been on the run for the last two months. The hair was not Moammar Gaddafi’s. The slain leader was wearing a wig.
DNA x match...Ade ke doktor sengal ambik DNA test dari rambut palsu

Libya Liberal Youth report that Qaddafi has not been martyred
12:07 AM ozyism 4 comments


Libya Liberal Youth reports that the "Green Committees have confirmed that the leader is alive, and that the enemy is seeking to take advantage of his being currently out of communications. The aim is to please Hillary Clinton who barked at her Arab slaves that she wants Muammar Qaddafi "dead or alive.""

This is contradictory to NATO propaganda which claims that the revolutionary leader Qaddafi was martyred by a NATO terror attack in Sirte.

Analysts believe that this propaganda is an attempt to divert attention from the brutal genocide in Sirte, according to early reports, civilian bodies were seen in every corner of Sirte's streets, but now the media has completely stayed silent instead reporting on rumors of Qaddafi's martyrdom.
Kesimpulannya media Israel,AlJazeera,CNN,BBC,Utusan dll media pro Barat tu banyak spin.

aku copy paste sebab menarik

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